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The Spring Break Factory is among the Saudi factories that are under the auspices of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its industrial vision derived from its deep belief that the Saudi industry is a pioneer and advanced within the global industries and competing industrial innovations.

The works of Fawasel Al Rabeeh Plastic Products Factory

The Spring Break Factory has emerged in the Filler and Master Patch industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in a short period of time, as experience, product quality, stability of varieties and good handling were an important factor in the emergence of spring breaks within the large factories in the Kingdom in the production of Master Patches and Fillers in particular. There is a renewed vision for more innovations in other products that serve local and foreign factories.

Our vision

Our vision is to be the leading manufacturer of FILLER and MASTERBATCH in the Middle East.

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We believe in a great and mutually beneficial relationship between us and customers to customize products according to their satisfaction. This requires the highest level of objectivity and credibility, as I strive to reach the utmost stages of transparency with clients.

Our products


FILLER MASTERBATCH Product Advantage: High dosage. Used for wide range of film. Good dispersion. Ensure the physical performance of Finished products. Cost-saving for consumers. Dosage:

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COLOR MASTERBATCH Our products are concentrated pellets by resin, additives and color pigment that are compatible to different requirement of each customers for different colors

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